Place Ground Overlay and show toast if clicked

If user clicks a ground overlay, show a toast message.

1️⃣ Declare variables for a ground overlay to be placed on the map. Ensure that the clickable property is set to true.

    val mGOLatLng = LatLng(25.12299, 121.46196)
    val mGOMapOpt = GroundOverlayOptions()
        .position(mGOLatLng, 100f)

2️⃣ Place the ground overlay on the map, and add a tag to identify each placement.

    mMap.addGroundOverlay(mGOMapOpt)?.tag = "haha"

3️⃣ Initialize setOnGroundOverlayClickListener to listen for user clicks, then show a toast message if the clicked overlay matches the tag.

      mMap.setOnGroundOverlayClickListener {

       if (it.tag == "haha") {

               "This is a haha message",