Private function for toast

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Created a private function so I don't need to write very long and verbose syntax just to show a Toast. private fun oToast(text: String) {...

Check if Google Play Services is available

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Check if Google Play Services is available.

private fun checkPlayServices(): Boolean {
    val apiAvailability = GoogleApiAvailability.getInstance()
    val resultCode = apiAvailability.isGooglePlayServicesAvailable(this)

    if (resultCode != ConnectionResult.SUCCESS) {
        if (apiAvailability.isUserResolvableError(resultCode)) {
              // Do stuff if Google Play is not available 
        } else {
              // Do stuff if Google Play is available 
        return false
    return true

Change title of Main Activity

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Change the title that appears on the "title bar" of the main activity. By default, the main activity fragment displays the app name. Place this code inside the onCreate block....